About Wings for Animals

about wings for animals

The foundation “Wings for Animals” was launched by 5 flight attendants in 2015. As cabin crew we visit many countries where we observe a lot of animal suffering. Solely we can’t do enough, that’s why we combined forces. We are a non-profit organization and therefore largely dependent on donations. With your help we can make a difference for many animals in need. Our goal is to support local projects worldwide and to improve animal welfare. We also provide information to raise awareness and to prevent animal suffering.

How do we help?

  • by financial donations to local projects
  • by worldwide transportation of supplies
  • by helping at shelters and garbage dumps
  • by long distance adoption
  • by organizing sterilization programs
  • by information and education (i.a. at schools)


annelies moolenaar
Board Member

The feeling, of coming to the aid of animals in need has always been my main goal . About 22 years ago, I started my career as a flight attendant and during my flight routes, the rescue of animals in distress continued.

jacobien vegter
Board Member

Working as a flight attendant I have been in touch with stray animals and animals in distress in many countries. Doing nothing wasn’t an option. Many raindrops will make that river flow… Therefore: Wings for Animals!

piet hellemans
Ambassador & Veterinarian

I’m Piet Hellemans, veterinarian and media-vet in several tv shows in The Netherlands and I write for websites and magazines. My goal is to enhance animal well-being and help people and organizations who care for them.

karine de potter
Board Member

My name is Karine de Potter. I am employed as a pilot since 2001. Loving animals is in my nature. Living with and caring for animals is part of who I am. I think it is our job to stand up for the rights and welfare of the animals that depend on us.

juultje oomen

My name is Juultje Oomen and I live in Heerhugowaard. I collect medicines, food, collars and leashes for Wings for Animals. Every single animal we do save is one more saved!

lyonne snel

My name is Lyonne Snel. I started in 1983 as a seasonal flight attendant. Recently I became Senior Purser. I have always been crazy about animals. Mainly due to the horrific images on social media my fighting spirit against animal suffering has intensified.

marcel bleeker

Wings for Animals can only continue to do their good work if they have the support of volunteers. That’s why i’m helping them with their website so that they can dedicate their efforts to all those animals in need!

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