Wings for Animals

Worldwide support for animals in need

The foundation “Wings for Animals” was launched by 5 flight attendants in 2015. As airline crew we visit many countries where we observe a lot of animal suffering. Solely we can’t do enough, that’s why we combined forces. We are a non-profit organization and therefore largely dependent on donations. With your help we can make a difference for many animals in need. Our goal is to support local projects worldwide and to improve animal welfare. We also provide information to raise awareness to prevent animal suffering.

Wings For Animals
Who We Are

Wings for Animals was founded by 5 KLM flight attendants in 2015. They wanted to help animals in need they see during their work as flight attend. Nowadays, Wings for Animals supports several projects in countries all over the world to improve animal welfare and help those who need it the most.

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What We Do

Next to financial donations, Wings for Animals supports local projects by helping on site (at shelters and garbage dumps), by organizing the worldwide transportation of medical supplies for animals, by long distance adoption programs and by funding and staffing remote sterilization projects.

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What We Need

Wings for Animals sees how animals are mistreated, ignored and/or used solely for tourism on a daily basis. Here, we’re helping on the spot; to stop this suffering and give these animals a second chance. Wings for Animals is totally dependent on donations. Please join us and become a supporter of Wings for Animals!

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Wings For Animals
Mana Hamey Heyvanat
In Teheran
Wings For Animals
Kitten Rescue Curacao
In Curacao
Wings For Animals
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
In Kenya
Wings For Animals
TNR Malaysia
In Malaysia
Wings For Animals
Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation
In Curacao
The Rhino Orphanage
In South Africa



We will keep you informed about the projects we support and how they do develop and of course, we tell you about what we experience on route. Also do not forget to stay tuned via our Facebook page.

  • Compliment from colleague

    A post from colleague Merel Timmers, thank you Merel for your support! For everyone who loves animals … I have been working for KLM for 13 years...

  • Adoption Sirimon the elephant

    Wings for Animals has been in close contact with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust since our origin. We have been bringing pantyhoses from colleagues...

  • Kitten Rescue Curacao

    Kittens & cats on Curacao

    The suitcases of colleagues Nicole van Rosendal, Adriana Correa, Trudy Gowdy-derijks, Jeanette Dreja, Erica Mann-Suijkerbuijk and Nathalie Mercuur wer...

  • sterilisatie actie curacao

    Sterilization Project Curacao

    After our first sterilization project of dogs and cats at Curacao last November, we collaborated with House of Animals in a second sterilization attem...

  • Suitcases full of supplies

    Suitcases full of supplies

    This week our suitcases, full of (medical) supplies, will be on their way to different destinations for all kinds of animals: Blankets to South Africa...

  • Orphan Rhino Lottie

    Orphan Rhino Lottie

    A few months ago orphan Rhino Lottie was found in Pilanesberg (South Africa) next to her mother’s dead body. Despite her trauma, things are goin...

With your donation we can make a difference for many animals in need